The 40th Anniversary Gala of the Asian Gemological Institute and FGA/DGA Diploma Awarding Ceremony as well as The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the APGS

The 40th Anniversary Gala of the Asian Gemological Institute and

FGA/DGA Diploma Awarding Ceremony as well as

The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the APGS


On September 18, 2023, AGIL Asian Gemological Institute held a grand evening party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the institute's establishment. The party included the graduation ceremony of FGA/DGA diplomas and the 10th anniversary celebration of the APGS. The attendees included representatives from the Consumer Council and the Re-training Board, leaders in the jewelry industry, academic elites, students, and friends, totaling 500 people.


The reception of guests began at 6:30 PM, and the official event kicked off at 7:00 PM. The dean of the Asian Gemological Institute, Dr. Dominic Mok, delivered a passionate welcoming speech. At the same time, Mr. Alan Hart, the Executive CEO of the Gem-A (Gemological Association of Great Britain), Prof Chan Lung Sang from the Earth Science Department of the University of Hong Kong, and Deputy Director Dr. Bernard Chan Pak-li from the Bureau of Commerce and Economic Development also served as the officiating guests, congratulating the institute and recognizing its achievements.


In the opening remarks, Dr. Dominic Mok announced an exhilarating piece of news: one of the recent graduates, Miss Livy Leung, stood out among the many candidates in the global diamond diploma examination of Gem-A, achieving the world's first place, which marked the sixth world champion from the institute in its 40 years of teaching history. Dean Mo further announced that another graduate, actress Miss Kelly Fu, became the first person from the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, China, to successfully pass Gem-A's global gemological diploma public examination with excellent scores. These achievements brought honor and pride to the institute, showcasing the outstanding educational outcomes of the Asian Gemological Institute in the field of gemology. Dr Mok also presented the Best Student Awards to Livy Leung, Richa Chan, and Kelly Fu.



Photo 1: The 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Asian Gemological Institute and FGA/DGA Diploma Award Ceremony. Guest of Honor: Dr. Dominic Mok, DBA Msc FGA FGAA DGA (third from left), Mr. Alan Hart, Chief Executive of the Gemological Association of Great Britain (second from left), Prof Chan Lung Sang of the Earth Sciences Department at the University of Hong Kong (third from right), and the Best Student Award winners: Livy Leung(left), Richa Chan (second from right), and Kelly Fu (right).



Subsequently, the FGA/DGA diploma award ceremony was conducted to honor the efforts and achievements of 150 students in the field of gemology over the past two years. This is the highest recognition of their hard work and an important milestone in their learning journey. Following that, everyone gathered for a group photo. At eight o'clock in the evening, a toast ceremony was held to jointly celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Asian Gemological Institute, reflecting on the institute's developmental journey and looking forward to future prospects. At the same time, the tenth anniversary of the APGS became a highlight of the evening, gathering the blessings and expectations of the elites in the gemology field.


Photo 2: 40th Anniversary Celebration and FGA/DGA diploma award ceremony of the Asian Gemological Institute, with the chief guest and a group photo of teachers and students.

Photo 3: The executive committee of the APGS, honorary president, and academic advisor, toasting with hundreds of guests during the rich Chinese banquet.


During the rich Chinese banquet, a singing competition named "Star Voice Sing" and a lucky draw were also held, allowing the guests to showcase their singing talents. This competition added to the joyous atmosphere of the event, letting everyone spend a pleasant evening with music. The lucky draw winners were overjoyed with the generous prizes.