A1016 Modern Gemmology Course
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Course Introduction


Based on more than three decades of professional gemmological education experience accumulated by Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited (AGIL), A1016 Contemporary Gemmology Course is a practical course tailored for jewellery practitioners, enthusiasts, and collectors. The course, aimed to teach many identification techniques of various gemstones, will be imparted to students in small classes for better education effect. 

A complete set of gem testing instruments will be made available for each student to observe and identify large number of gem specimens presented in class. This course is a
preparatory course the Gem-A FGA Foundation in Gemmology Course.

Course Content

1. Basic tips for gem identification

 2. Introduction to the application of instrumentation

Gemmological microscope, refractometer, spectroscope, polariscope, dichroscope, 10X lens, FTIR spectrometer, Chelsea color filter, Sarin Diamention diamond proportion unit, GIA diamond master stone set, DiamondSureTM, DiamondViewTM & DiamondPlusTM.

   3. Gem testing practice and demonstration

  Diamond, ruby, sapphire, jadeite jade, emerald, aquamarine, pearl, nephrite (Mutton-fat Jade), topaz,     opal, amber, coral, amethyst, rutilated quartz, tourmaline, peridot, spinel, feldspar, iolite, fluorite,
  turquoise, garnet, chrysoberyl, hematite, ivory, jet, lapis lazuli, malachite, rhodochrosite, bowenite,
  alexandrite and natural glasses.

  4. Modern Gem Testing

a. Diamond and Glass; natural diamond, cubic zirconia (CZ), moissanite and artificial glass;

b. Ruby and Sapphire

     synthetic ruby, synthetic blue sapphire, diffusion treated sapphire, ruby doublet, sapphire, and glass-filled ruby;

     c. Jadeite jade (Fei Cui) and Emerald

     Jadeite jade (Fei Cui), nephrite, and the operation of FTIR spectrometer; demonstration of testing       Type A,B, Jadeite/Fei Cui by FTIR spectrometer and ultraviolet-visible spectrometer.

     d. natural pearl, cultured pearl, south sea pearl, fresh water pearl.

     e. natural amber, treated amber, amber imitations; precious coral and coral imitations

   f.  brief illustration on Diamond 4Cgrading system (GIA/CIBJO)

   g. demonstration on GIA diamond master stone and Sarin Diamention                  diamond proportion unit.

   h. Gem appreciation

   Diamond, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Jadeite/Fei Cui, chrysoberyl cat’s eye, alexandrite,
   aquamarine, topaz, rock crystal, amethyst, tourmaline, peridot, spinel, garnet, tanzanite, etc.

   i. Precious metal

  Gold - Chuk Kam (99.9% gold), Platinum(pt), Silver, demonstration of gold test by touch stone
   and X-ray Fluorescence Analysis method.

   j. Practical examination



Tuition Fee
Payment in full: HK$12,990 (including color printed teaching materials)
Commencement Date:
8 + 4 classes, 3 hours per class, 36 hours in total
Chinese - Cantonese (Optional in English, please call for commencement date)
no special requirement