Use this system if the certificate is established after 2014-6-1

Report No 证书编号
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Date 日期
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Verification Code 验证码

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AGIL-ICCS Internet Check Cert System is intended to help for the verification of report number provided by the user, corresponds to an existing data record archived in the AGIL database. AGIL does not make any representations or warranties regarding the information returned by AGIL-ICCS. AGIL-ICCS may not display all the information included on the original Report issued by AGIL. AGIL-ICCS and the information returned by AGIL-ICCS are subject to the Important Notes on AGIL Reports.

亚洲宝石学院—网上查证系统 (下称:AGIL-ICCS),旨在帮助为用户对其提供的报告编号进行核查,以对应AGIL数据库已经归档的现有记录。 AGIL不会对AGIL-ICCS返回的资讯/信息作出任何陈述或保证。 AGIL-ICCS可能不会显示AGIL发出原始报告中的所有资讯/信息。网上查证系统的资料/信息受到在AGIL报告内的重要事项 (Important Notes) 所约束。