A105 Jadeite Jade (Fei Cui) Identification ABC
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Course Introduction

Aimed to impart pragmatic jadeite jade (Fei Cui) identification knowledge, A105 Jadeite Jade (Fei Cui) Identification ABC will assign students in small classes and provide them with color-printing teaching materials and abundant jadeite jade teaching samples, so as to help them master the knacks for jadeite jade identification and capable to tell fake ones from the authentic ones within a short period of time.

Course Content
  1. What is jadeite jade? How to distinguish jade from nephrite jade?
  2. The systematic classification of jadeite jade:A Jade, B Jade, and, C Jade.
  3. The commercial classification of jadeite jade: Lao-Keng Glassy Class, Hua-Qing Class, etc.
  4. A Jade Identification: application and practice of microscope and 10x lens.
  5. B Jade: application and practice of FTIR spectrometer.
  6. C Jade: practice of spectrometer.
  7. AGIL jadeite jade appraisal system 3C+TIPS– Class, Color, Craftmanship, Transparency, Internal Shine, Purity, and Size.
  8. Jadeite jade processing process: from stone sawing, abrasing to polishing.
  9. Quick identification of various jadeite jade imitations.
  10. Exclusive visiting programme of B jade workshop tour.
  11. On-site demonstration of jadeite jade coloration and waxing.
  12. Introduction to jadeite jade market.



Tuition Fee
Pay in full: HK$8,280,or pay in two installments, namely HK$4,480 each.
Commencement Date:
8 classes, 2.5 hour each class, 20 hours in total (exclusive extra practice time is offered free of charge).
Cantonse (Optional in English, please call for commencement date)
no special requirement (preference will be given to those who have studied FGA/DGA diamond appraisal courses before).